At the ZKS Ferrum S.A. laboratory we have 2nd and 3rd grade specialists according to ISO EN 473, ISO 9712 and ASME sec V.

We’re making NDT testings

  • ultrasonic,
  • radiographic,
  • penetration,
  • magnetic powder,
  • visual,
  • Hardness tests.

Laboratory ZKS Ferrum S.A. currently has advanced research equipment, including:

  • digital ultrasonic defectoscopes,
  • high voltage generator 6000A,
  • ultrasonic thickness gauges,
  • X-ray up to 450 kV,
  • portable hardness tester,
  • leveling instruments, theodolites, total stations

We have started training for our employee to prepare for the ultrasonic system TOFT and PhasedArray. At the investment site for 2017 there is a purchase of new defectoscope, which is currently the highest available in ultrasound research. Also there is a plan for purchase of new, technologically advanced total stations and 3D measurement devices.