Galvanizing kettles, pickling, boilers, balers, barriers

In Poland, ZKS FERRUM S.A. is the only one manufacturer of galvanizing kettles for so-called hot dip galvanizing.
Our factory produces galvanizing baths of two types:

  • with flat bottom (small and medium bathtubs)
  • with a bent bottom (large bathtubs)

The wall thickness for bath is in the range of 40 or 50 mm. ZKS offers baths practically any size. The only restriction is the width, which can have min. 800mm.

The material used for the production of galvanizing baths is a low-carbon steel with a special chemical composition. The chemical composition of steel for the production of baths was developed based on research conducted at AGH and IMN.

In ZKS Ferrum S.A. we use electroslag welding technology. This method significantly improves the efficiency of our work while maintaining the highest quality of our products.

ZKS Ferrum S.A. grants a 5-year guarantee for the baths, counting from the date of their sale and on the basis of the conditions determined by the establishment.