Possibilities of the current machine park located in the ZKS FERRUM S.A. it is appreciated not only in the country, but also outside of Poland, as evidenced by the growing number of international contracts.

Production hall

Total area: 22 500 m2
Gantry cranes: 20t-100t

SERTOM Rolling-Bending Machine

Max. thickness of plates: 250 mm

Heat Treatment Furnace

Type of furnace: gas powered
Steel types: unalloyed, low-alloyed and alloyed steels
Temperature range up to: 1100°C
Dimensions (WxHxL): 11 500x7000x5000 mm
Thermocouples: 6 stationary and 12 contact

Chamber-blasting machine

Dimension: 6000x6000x22000 mm
Capacity: 100 t

Blasting machine

Dimension:  3000×800
Standard type of details: 800kg/m
Type of pellet:  spherical steel pellets, max. hardness 53 HRC
Blasting class: Sa2,5
Process speed Vp[m/min]: 1,2-1,7m/min (average 1,4m/min)

Boring-milling CNC machine

Dimension:  9000 X 3000 X 150
Max weight of the element: 32t (crane)
Rotating table: 2500x4000mm
Max weight on the table: 45t

Turning CNC lathe

Max. Turning diameter above the bed:  ∅1010mm
Max. Turning diameter above the support:  ∅718mm
Length max.: 3000mm


Max diameter:  <∅4200mm
Max lenght:  16 000mm
Max weight:  60t

Rolling-bending machines

Amount:  6
Thickness:  4mm-150mm
Diameter:  ∅400-> ∅8000

Turning machine

Capacity :  30t

Thermal cutting machines


Dimension: 3300×12000
Thickness up to: 300mm


Dimension : 3200×13000
Thickness up to: do 40mm

Mounting Plates

Amount: 7
Amount of cranes: 6