Mechanical and heat treatment

We are providing professionally rendered services:

    • heat treatment – is carried out according to the parameters given by the customer and accepted by ZKS or according to the parameters given by ZKS and determined in agreement with the customer;
    • firing the elements to the specified size from metal sheets with a thickness of up to 300 mm;
    • surface regeneration;
    • machining
      • Conventional – turning of parts up to 4,500 mm in diameter and up to 14,000 mm in length;
      • CNC – milling, boring, drilling, reaming and threading depending on the type and dimensions of the structure
  • Rounding of steel coats;
  • Welding of different types of materials and objects in accordance with your permissions;
  • blasting
    • in the chamber – elements with a maximum width of 6,000 mm, a maximum height of 6,000 mm and a maximum length of 20,000 mm;
      • through
        • metal sheets – 3000mm x 12000mm;
        • sections – hmax = 800 mm, L = 12,000 mm
  • bending